Lake Turkana: Formerly known as Lake Rudolf, named in honor of Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria, is a lake in Kenyan Rift Valley in Northern Kenya whose far north end stretches into Ethiopia. It is the world’s largest permanent Desert lake and the world’s largest alkaline lake too. Its surrounding rocks are volcanic with an active volcanic central island, emitting vapor. Fed by three rivers; Oromo from Ethiopia side, Turkwel and Kerio from Kenya, it plays the perfect home for Nile crocodiles, Central island being the breeding site. Scorpions and carpet vipers are found on the rocky shores of the lake.

It has been cited as UNESCO world heritage site due to the finding of fossils, hence the title ‘cradle of Mankind’, at Koobi Fora, the surrounding Sibiloi National park, Lake Turkana National park, Central Island National Park and Southern Island National park.

This area has not been exploited much due to its Semi-arid nature. With vast beautiful and spectacular enclosure, it’s a must visit place. Aboard a flight, we will explore the scenical Suguta Valley from the southern part of Lake Turkana, which is also the home of Lake Logipi (home of flamingos too), Cathedral Rock and Sand dunes (inaccessible by road), as we head to the southern shore where you shall be able to see the marvelous Nabiyotum Crater-a geological marvel, a caldera of the remnants of collapsed Volcano, in deed, the last great frontier.

After Nabiyotum crater we shall turn back through Ol Donyo Nyiru mountains as we head to Kowop airstrip for an overnight at Desert Rose Lodge.

Desert Rose-Rose in the Desert: That is how we would call it. Located in the northern arid part of Kenya on the foot of a Samburu holy mountain Ol Donyo Nyiru, where Samburus (The true Nomads) hold important celebrations of the community which take place at the top of the mountain. Inaccessible by outsiders with an exception to Desert Rose guests. The houses are entirely secluded guaranteeing comfort and intimacy.

Two nights three days at Desert rose. Second day here we plan for a road day trip excursion around Lake Turkana. Back to the Lodge in The evening for Dinner and Overnight.

Day four morning, breakfast shall be served and you will be transferred to the Airstrip to board the flight to the epic Maasai Mara reserve for Bush and wild life experience.


MAASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE: Named in honor of the Maasai people (the ancestral inhabitants) and their description of the area when looked at far: “MARA,” which means (Maasai language) for ‘spotted,’ apt description for the circles of tree, scrubs, savannah and cloud shadows that mark the area.

Globally famous for its spectacular population of the Lions, Leopards and cheetahs, and annual migration of Zebras, Thomson’s gazelle and wildebeest to and from Serengeti every year from July to October known as the Great Migration.

The terrain of the reserve is primarily open grasslands with seasonal river lets, clumps of the acacia trees and Esoit (Siria) Escarpment of the East Africa Rift which is system of rifts from Ethiopia’s Red sea through Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, and into Mozambique

Wildlife mostly concentrates here as the swampy ground means easy access to water while tourist disruption is minimal. All members of the Big five are found here. Other animals present are; but not limited to Hippopotamus, crocodiles, Hyenas, Cheetahs, Jackals, bat-eared foxes, wildebeests, Maasai giraffe, Roan antelope, Thomson’s gazelles, Impalas, Zebras, Elands, Topi, Grant gazelles, Coke’s hartebeests, Duikers, and many more. Bird life is also in abundance, over 60 species recorded. Birds found here include but not limited to Vultures, marabou storks, secretary birds, hornbills, crowned cranes, Ostriches, Long crested eagles, African pygmy-falcons, and the lilac-breasted rollers which is a national bird in Kenya.

Mara Bush Camp-Private wing would be the center of all these adventures in Maasai Mara National Reserve. Located in the heart of the Mara National reserve, on the banks of seasonal Olare Orok River, overlooking a hippo pool with over 40 hippos.

Three Nights and Four days, will be ideal for this historic experiences, highlighted by game drives, Bush Dinner, Sun-downer, Bush/Nature walk and cultural Maasai visit, conducted by experienced guides from local community, the best animal spotters for they have grown here with them and learning about different trees and shrubs with their importance to Maasai community.

This Historic Safari shall start from Nairobi, where you will have a night as we consolidate the group together for the early departure the following day. Same shall apply on the out of Mara day, for you to have a rest and reminisce about the desert and bush safari before you can embark on your journey back home.

The meal plan is on full board accommodation basis except the Nairobi hotel which is on Bed and Breakfast basis

Note: Extension to the beach is available on inquiry.

Join the group for epic adventure in KENYA -KARIBU.

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  • Charter Flight
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  • Kenya
  • Nairobi
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  • Radisson Blu, Desert Rose, Mara Bush Camp - Private Wing
  • Bed & Breakfast, Full Board
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