Shompole Conservancy.

Shompole Conservancy, Located within the southern Great Rift Valley, on the border of Kenya and Tanzania and covering the vast Maasai land between Amboseli and Maasai Mara, this unexplored wilderness consists of two conservancies; Shompole and Olkiramatian.

Shompole is a large privately operated conservancy located between Lake Magadi to the North, Lake Natron to the South, and Nguruman Escarpment to the North West. It covers part of the 62,700 hectares of land and was established and registered in 1979 and owned by the Loodokilani Maasai with over 200 registered members.

The conservancy has a dry climate, hottest in October and November, wet in April and May. The flora has adapted to the semi-arid conditions and include umbrella thorn trees and colorful toothbrush trees. Ewaso Ng’iro River (Brown River) is the main source of water which originates from Mau forest to the north and flows into Lake Natron. There is no shortage of wildlife which includes the giraffe, buffalo, Zebra, warthog, Elephants, desert Antelopes like Gerenuk & Oryx and an abundance of birdlife.

On Lake Natron, is a soda encrusted lake where lesser Flamingos come to breed. From the top of the escarpment the views are endless and in the heat of the day during dry season, the wind across the plains whips up the dust into impressive dust devils.  This is a spectacular wilderness destination and a successful community conservation area.

Shompole wilderness Lodge is strategically located under the huge fig trees on the shores of river Ewaso Ng’iro providing an amazing view of the river cascading downstream. This ideal location offers guests the opportunity to interact with nature up close and personal. The lodge offers game drives (day & night), walking, tracking in the dust, baboon walks, tubing, walking with cattle, sun-downers and bush meals.


Adjacent to Shompole conservancy is the Olkiramatian conservancy, of the Nguruman escarpment. Lentorre Lodge is set on a spur running off the escarpment beside a natural crystal clear spring in the heart of the conservancy, a community initiative developed by the local Maasai to protect their wildlife, traditional lifestyle and their heritage.

Lentorre provides uninhibited views of Mt. Shompole, and the active volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai. The spring beside the lodge provides constant source of cool fresh water that sustains a grove of venerable tamarind trees where the Olkiramatian warriors traditionally met as they came of age and Elephants continue to gather to feed on ripe tamarind.

A safari to this vast uninhibited Shompole wilderness can be well explored by air for magical views of the escarpment, Lake Magadi, Lake Natron whose 90% of it, is in Tanzania and river Ewaso Ng’iro.

Three nights in the region will be ideal for you to explore and interact with the Maasai people, and enjoy an experience full of culture.

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