Ideal Things To Pack For a Safari.

Packing for a safari can be a strenuous task, more so when you are not familiar with the intended place/country of visit. Chances are you will have over-packed or under-packed. So what do you need to pack before a safari?

We have carefully listed items which we believe are essential, some not entirely necessary, for one to have during a safari.

1. Passport, trip itinerary, travel insurance documents and printed e-tickets.
Make sure you prepare these a few days before your set travel dates. It may seem obvious but they are often overlooked. You don’t want to panic a night before because your passport is expired.

2. Prescription and non-prescription meds and an emergency first aid kit.
These should be packed in the hand luggage in case the check in bag(s) gets lost (it happens occasionally), you don’t want to lose your meds too. Make sure you have enough to last you the whole trip. First aid kit is important especially if you get injured during a safari or have something like an indigestion problem or a headache.

3. Sunglasses, sunscreen, prescription glasses and a hat.
You will be outside most of the time so it is advisable to carry all these in to protect yourself from the harsh African sun. The hat pretty much covers most of your face, but you will still need glasses, prescribed or otherwise, to protect your eyes.

4. Cameras, flashlight and binoculars.
It is said that,” if you don’t have bomb pictures of the trip, then it never happened”. You do not want to miss the opportunity to document and save your memories. Cameras help you with that. Binoculars come in handy during animal and bird sighting. Most times, you will get close enough to see the animals, but when you can’t the binoculars happen to be a big help.
For flashlights, some lodges provide, but just to be on the safe side, carry one.

5. Clothes and basic personal items.
The clothes, don’t forget the clothes! Depending on the season, the clothes you pack may vary, but always pack light. Pack light but also make sure you inquire with your travel agent about the weight limits. Smaller aircraft have less weight limits as compared to the normal commercial planes. Let that not worry you though, there are laundry services in most lodges and safari resorts. Also, try and avoid black clothes when choosing what to pack. The heat will not be any fun if your clothes are not making it any easy to be in them. Remember to also pack swimsuits. Most resorts have pools so it will not be vain. If a safari walk is part of the itinerary or you plan to walk a lot, don’t forget to pack a pair of walking shoes and/or comfortable sandals.

6. Safari map/guide.
Though you will have a guide for most of your trip, it is good to always have an idea of where you’re going to next. Ask your guide all the question you may have. The questions may seem silly, but ask anyway, that is why the guide is with you in the first place.

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