Folk Songs and Dance

The African folk song and dance is something you can’t outdo during your visit and if you missed attending one then you need to go for one. It feels like going to a place and living without a complete story. It’s how we live, communicate, love or even gives and for the longest time in history, every community and tribe has lived it out that way.

We join Saruni with his friend and the guests for a cultural visit, one of the activities organized during your tour. It’s one way we give back to the community that hosts us on their ancestral land, the Maasai. The songs are all vocal and don’t seem to rhyme but the spirit in which they do it will definitely trigger your emotions. The high jumps will leave you sweating and just the love of understanding why they do the things they do is amazing.

The Bantu will generally swing in with their waist wiggling theme, NiloticsĀ  jumping for the heavens in an energetic way that is meant to attract the opposite sex, yes you win her by your effort.

These folk songs draw a deeper meaning if you take time to comprehend, though, always revolving around love, unity, strength, and peace among them.

Depending on the season or the occasion, we rise to the tune to sing or dance along in honor of our self being.

The next time you go on safari, purpose to join in in the party. We love to do it as it embraces diversity in all aspects. Never rush on a safari.

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