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Ubuntu Migration Camp follows the colossal herds of wildebeest as they journey around the Serengeti, moving between three key sites. From the dramatic river crossings in the north to the fertile grasslands in the south where the wildebeest give birth, they set up camp nearby to ensure you’re always close to the action.there traditional tented camp is designed to leave no trace. they can quickly disassemble it and move with the herds to new pastures. Every day, they are  out in the bush looking for wildlife such as lions or cheetahs attracted by the huge gatherings of prey. Over morning coffee, watch wildebeest males chasing each other or zebras tussling. For a sunrise to remember, start the day by gliding above the plains in a hot-air balloon. In the evening, look up as the stars reveal themselves.


The wildebeest migration moves in a continuous cycle throughout the Serengeti and the Masai Mara of Kenya. To give you the best chance of seeing these restless herds, our mobile camp moves between three sites in the Serengeti.

Ubuntu Migration Camp West: May to July

We set up camp in the Western Corridor, watching the herds head north. Here, we’re in a peaceful setting between the Nyakoroma Hills and the Serengeti border. Spend your days watching the wildebeest cross the Grumeti River and spotting predators moving in to prey on the stragglers.

Ubuntu Migration Camp North: August to November

In late July, we head up to the north of the Serengeti to watch the wildebeest cross the Mara River. This is one of the most dramatic parts of the migration, with hungry crocodiles lying in wait. The huge herds attract a healthy number of predators to the area, with lions, cheetahs and leopards prowling the plains. Herds of elephants are also found browsing in the lush woodlands along the river and there are more than 500 species of birds to spot.

Ubuntu Migration Camp South: December to March

After all the excitement of the river crossings, we move to the lush grasslands of the south where  herds gather to rest, graze and calve. Watch tiny newborn wildebeest quickly learn to steady their wobbly legs and prepare to begin their endless migration.


After the morning game drive, have breakfast back at camp with a choice of a continental buffet or a full English. For lunch, it’s a light buffet with fresh salads, or we can pack a picnic to enjoy in the bush. In the evening, we’ll either cook up a feast on the barbecue or serve a three-course dinner


Comprising of eight unpretentious and well-designed tents, featuring an en-suite bathroom and a small veranda, the Ubuntu Camp offers an authentic East African safari experience. Tents are made up with very comfortable double or twin beds, and triples can be arranged to accommodate children. Guests are provided with two-way radios allowing them to contact staff for an escort during the night as the Camp is unfenced and animals may be nearby.
The guest tents are pitched around two open plan mess tents containing the lounge and dining areas, and leading out to a campfire. These communal tents have open sides to welcome the afternoon breeze and overlook the plains. Meals are taken in the dining room tent, they are sociable affairs and often the guides will join in too. Continental breakfast is followed by a full-English; lunch usually comprises of deli meats, salad and freshly baked bread; dinner is a three course indulgence with an African twist and delicious wines.
Being a small bush camp with a simple set-up and a real wilderness feel also means it has less environmental impact. Guests at Ubuntu Camp are guaranteed superb guiding, a top level of service, fantastic food and excellent value.

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