Sand Rivers Selous

Sand Rivers Selous is an adventurous barefoot luxury lodge in the quieter area of the Selous Game Reserve. Owned by Nomad Tanzania, who have camps in pretty much every park in Tanzania, this is one of their top properties and it’s great for those seeking adventure in the wilderness, with lots of walking safari, excellent fly camping and boating up to Steiglers Gorge. One of the oldest lodges built back in the 80s by Richard Bonham it is arguably one of the best river spots on the Rufiji River.

location:Sand Rivers is located in the Selous Game Reserve in the south of Tanzania and is easily reached by light aircraft from Dar es Salaam, just a 45 minute flight.  The camp is located further west than the other properties in the reserve in a slightly quieter area, with direct access to boating safari up to Steiglers Gorge as well as walking safari from the camp.  The camp is beautifully situated on the banks of the Rufiji River under the shade of trees.

Accommodation:Sand Rivers Selous rooms and suites are spread out along the banks of the river and have a very open feel to them with outdoor en suite bathrooms and mosquito-netted beds. The openness of the rooms are certainly for the more adventurous, yet they still maintain the luxury that is synonymous to a stay with Nomad. The open front to the rooms gives parallel views of the Rufiji River whilst offering intimacy and privacy. The suites and hill side rooms are both excellent, with the suites being more spacious and having their own private plunge pool.

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Sand Rivers Selous
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