Olakira Migration Camp

The mobile Olakira Migration Camp follows the wildebeest migration around the Serengeti, from the epic river crossings in the north to the southern plains where they give birth to thousands of calves each year. Stay with us to witness the greatest animal migration in the world. Between June and November, Olakira is in the north to witness the crossing of the Mara River. Here, watch thousands of wildebeest take a leap of faith into the water, facing hungry Nile crocodiles and cantankerous hippos. When the herds are on the move, the air is full of grunting, thudding hooves and billowing dust. From December until March, we move camp to the southern plains of the Serengeti, where the wildebeest go to give birth and graze on lush grass, and predators such as lions and cheetahs gather to prey on the young. Even at night, the Olakira Migration Camp experience is special. Our mesh-covered stargazing tents allow guests to sleep under a sky of glittering stars.


Dining at Olakira Camp is an experience on its own for those who spend their safari holiday in Africa. At the break of dawn, the staff will wake you up for morning tea. Breakfast is a delicious affair punctuated with platters of cheeses and fresh fruits. There are countless options of hot toasts, fluffy waffles, warm pancakes and eggs cooked to your preference. You will have the option to even pack your breakfast and take it during your extended Serengeti game driving activity in the mornings. Lunch and dinner are live affairs that can be shared with other guests. Because the dishes are derived from local produce, guest can expect nothing but the freshest vegetables, fruits and meats. There will be savory soups, light salads, succulent roasts, flavorful poultry dishes and decadent desserts. There are also flavorful biscuits, platters of cheeses and even dishes for the vegetarian guests or those with special dietary preferences. Drinks will include only the best that Africa has to offer. Fragrant teas, fresh-brewed coffee made from the finest Arabica beans, soft drinks and fresh fruit juices are available. The dining experience is like a culinary delectable tour of Tanzania on its own, parading only the best that the region has to offer. If you are inclined to eat your meals closer to nature, bush kitchens can be set up in dedicated sites. Meals are prepared on site, with a selection of meat, poultry, fruits, vegetables and drinks for the guests. A bush bar will complete the set-up, with sundowner cocktails around a campfire capping an impeccable day for you.


Olakira Camp is a warm and intimate experience, with eight spacious and comfortable tents sleeping up to 16 guests. Each tent has a king-size bed, en-suite bathroom and private verandah, arranged to offer the best views over the Serengeti. The Camp’s semi-permanent nature means that one really feels at one with the landscape, but without foregoing the usual comforts such as hot showers, toilets, and storage space for clothes. The large and spacious walk-in tents in natural browns, creams and oranges, are designed to blend into the Serengeti’s own palette. Floors are covered with rugs. The tents’ gauze windows have canvas flaps that can be opened to let in the cooling African breeze and for your own personal views of the National Park. At each Olakiri site a central ‘mess’ tent is erected for dining and socializing, and there’s a comfortable lounge area with a well-stocked drinks cabinet. Although there are power sockets for charging phones and cameras, Olakira has no lights, preferring to light the tents by storm lanterns, which creates a tremendous atmosphere. Outside the main mess tent there’s an open fireplace where guests gather before dinner. Sometimes the staff band entertains the safari-goers as they dine under the stars – the perfect end to an exciting day’s safari.

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Olakira Migration Camp
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