Ol Malo House

Ol Malo House lies in the edge of a privately owned family ranch and game sanctuary in Northern Laikipia’s province escarpment, which is Samburu’s people heartland and tribe.

Ol Malo House offers a wide range of experiences. You will rise with the sun .soar alongside eagles as you watch a family of elephants under a tree through the pricked ears of your horse.You will also get to enjoy the ride of camels as you hear the crunch of rocks under their feet. Samburu warriors will entertain you as you dance with them on the dust.Catering for up to 12 guests Ol Malo House is a perfect place for families or large groups to stay.

Similar to the Lodge, the House was designed and built by the Francombes particularly with multi-generational travel in mind. With the input from all the family, the design and building and finishing of the house has every need catered for. Guests of the Francombes and their extended family have the opportunity to witness Kenya through the eyes and minds of those who know and love the land.

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Ol Malo House
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