Lewa House

Lewa House is located at the very heart of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, it is set on top of a hill with extensive views over gentle rolling hills with Mount Kenya to the south and the rugged Mathews Range and the sacred mountain of Ol Olokwe to the north.

Home to Sophie and Calum Macfarlane together with their small family, Lewa House is owner-operated and hosted and with only ten rooms, offering a small and intimate option for the experienced safari connoisseur or first time safari goer on Lewa.

Established as a cattle ranch in 1922 – Lewa has always been managed with wildlife as a top priority. In 1995 the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (a non-profit organisation) was formed and in 2013 the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today there is minimal livestock on Lewa and the main focus of the conservancy is wildlife conservation together with community outreach programmes and development. Host to over 14% of Kenya’s Black Rhino population and over 12% of the global population of Grevy’s zebra, Lewa is one of the best places in the country to see both of these iconic animals. Wildlife abounds, with all of the Big Five and herbivores associated with the north of Kenya.

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Lewa House
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