Lake Turkana and Suguta Valley Flying Tour.

Lake Turkana: Formerly known as Lake Rudolf, named in honor of Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria, is a lake in Kenyan Rift Valley in Northern Kenya whose far north end stretches into Ethiopia. It is the world’s largest permanent Desert lake and the world’s largest alkaline lake too. Its surrounding rocks are volcanic with an active volcanic central island. It is fed by three rivers; Oromo from Ethiopia side, Turkwel and Kerio from Kenya. This plays the perfect home for Nile crocodiles, Central Island being the breeding site. Scorpions and carpet vipers are found on the rocky shores of the lake.

It has been cited as a UNESCO world heritage site due to the discovery of fossils, hence the title ‘Cradle of Mankind’, at Koobi Fora, the surrounding Sibiloi National park, Lake Turkana National park, Central Island National Park and Southern Island National park.

This area has not been exploited much due to its Semi-arid nature. With vast beautiful and spectacular enclosure, it’s a must visit place. We shall explore this area on a scenic based flight through the Suguta Valley on the southern part of Lake Turkana, which is also the home to Lake Logipi, Cathedral Rock and Sand dunes (inaccessible by road), as we head to the southern shore where you shall be able to see the marvelous Nabiyotum Crater, a caldera formed from the remnants of collapsed Volcano, in deed in all ways it is the last great frontier. Ol Donyo Nyiru mountains to the east of Suguta Valley is a must see landscape on this scenic flight adventure.

Day 1
The Tour

This adventure starts from Wilson Airport aboard Aerocruise flight en route to Ol Donyo Nyiru mountain ranges, on wards to Nabiyotum crater down to Suguta valley to view Lake Logipi, Cathedral rock and possibly Sand Dunes. This can be best achieved with an option of a night stop around the Lake Turkana area, with an early departure before the winds over Lake Turkana get strong.

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Lake Turkana and Suguta Valley Flying Tour.

Trip Facts

  • Charter aircraft.

  • min 3 pax
  • Nairobi-Lake Turkana-Nairobi
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