Lake Magadi Scenic Tour

Lake Magadi is an amazing unique and serene destination for nature lovers. The lake’s spectacular geographical landscape to the northern part serves as the main attraction to many visitors. The Lake is also well known for its wading birds including Flamingos and pelicans. Found in southern most of Kenya Rift valley lying in a catchment of faulted volcanic rocks, north of Tanzania’s Lake Natron. It is saline in nature and 80% covered by soda during dry seasons. It is recharged by hot saline spring at temperatures approx. 86˚c that discharge into alkaline lagoons around the lake.

West of the lake is Nguruman Escarpment about 50km long and elongated in NW direction. The southern Ewaso Ng’iro River flows southwards along the foot of the escarpment serving as a life line of the ecosystem as it flows into Lake Natron. It offers some of the best landscape spectacles of any river on earth as it meanders through the plains. The escarpment forms the Western wall of the Kenyan rift valley. Below it is the vast plains and volcanic hills of the Great Rift Valley and in the distance is Lake Magadi. The Shompole conservancy is located along the Plains of Nguruman escarpment with abundance of wild life. The big five are well represented, wild cat, Olive Baboon, Cape Eland, wildebeest, Plains Zebra, Gerenuk, Maasai Giraffe, among others.

Far Southwards on the Kenya Tanzania border, lies Lake Natron. The lake is majorly in Tanzania, but a portion of it stretches into Kenya, which offers a spectacular view of resident flamingos. It is saline in nature and fed by Ewaso Ng’iro River and other hot saline springs. It’s one of the most serene lake in Africa, but it’s also a source of some of the most phantasmagorical photographs ever captured. Despite the reports of water turning animals into stone when they come into contact (unconfirmed facts) due to its alkalinity, its waters support a thriving ecosystem of salt marshes, fresh wetlands, Flamingos and other birds, tilapia and algae on which large flock of Flamingos feed on.

Day 1
The Tour

We take you out of Wilson Airport for an aerial view of all these spectacular features, to Lake Magadi through Nguruman Escarpment, over Shompole conservancy, circling around the upper part of  Lake Natron then back to Wilson. This is a must do scenic flight to better understand the rich scenery Kenya has.

The minimum pax is three per trip which takes an approximate of 1.5hrs.

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Lake Magadi Scenic Tour
From $ 370.00
per Adult

Trip Facts

  • Light Charter Aircraft

  • min 3 pax
  • Nairobi-Lake Magadi-Nairobi
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