Forest Chem Chem

Forest Chem Chem is the latest addition to Chem Chem Safaris: an intimate, private bush camp for all ages in the heart of land cared for by Chem Chem, accommodating a maximum of 8 adults and 2 children in a game-rich location. This is all about connecting with those around you and exploring the wonders of the Tanzanian bush together.

Spend time with those you love in the heart of wild Tanzania. Dappled shade from the towering trees above creates a peaceful atmosphere during the day. A roaring fire at night sets the scene for telling stories of the day’s adventures and dreaming of days to come.

At night, enjoy the sound of the wind in trees and the grass before awakening at dawn to begin the new day’s adventures and to enjoy the lifestyle of Chem Chem.

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Forest Chem Chem
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