Ekorian’s Mugie Camp

Ekorian’s Mugie Camp offers the freedom to rekindle the soulful relationship which one of us have towards the wild.

Ekorian greets you with a warm, genuine welcome to this exquisite slice of the natural world. It brings to life the vision that Josh and Donna had when they built the camp: a retreat from the fast-paced hustle and bustle of the ‘real world’, and a re-connection with nature.

It brings you an organic, authentic safari, Ekorian fuses luxury with sustainability, and comfort with responsibility. The camp’s innovative design is Eco-friendly and blends into its environment, enabling you to feel immersed in the vivid details that surround you – the sights, the sounds and the smells.

Ekorian gives you the rare opportunity for a tailored adventure. Their  team has a passion for sharing their love of wildlife, wild lands, and wild experiences, with others. They have worked together for years and the camaraderie, and enthusiasm with which they welcome you to Ekorian.

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Ekorian’s Mugie Camp
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