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Chem Chem is, in essence, a love story. It is one of open spaces, big skies and a shared dream. It began with a chance meeting between Swiss Fabia Bausch and French-born Nicolas Negre at a time when both were reviewing their lives: she as an investment banker, he as a hunting guide.

A mutual passion for freedom, privacy and the wild beauty of the African bush led them to northern Tanzania, a place Nicolas knew intimately.

It was here he had lived for 15 years filling a hunger for adventure that had stirred in him as a child in Albi, France. Fluent in Swahili and a sought-after guide with his extensive knowledge of the African wilderness.


Chem Chem safari lodge is located 10 minutes from Chem Chem  Airstrip, 3 hours from kilimanjaro International Airport, 2 hours from Arusha and 2 hours from the beauty scenery of Lake Manyara.


Chem Chem lodge kitchen  – the heart of any home and the life force of a safari. Time on a journey is a series of moments, connected by food. And so their approach to meal time is to create unexpectedly intricate, mouthwatering dishes.

Dining is done  in a different location each night. From where to have dinner to whom you share it with, the choice is yours. The evening can be as private as you like or more convivial with other guests. Feel the whisper of the evening breeze as you eat beneath the stars. If you imagine, it we can do it.

There team of chefs, creates recipes using produce grown in their gardens. We draw inspiration from the owners’ European heritage, as well as the bush around us. In turn, their menus reflect the story of Chem Chem – Fabia and Nicolas with their European roots, as well as our collective passion for Tanzania.There food include Pesto lamb loin, crispy ‘ugali’ pyramids, feta, green beans, butternut puree &balsamic jue

Each meal is a perfect blend of taste, beauty and connection to the land.


Going on safari is filled with adrenaline, adventure and tensed muscles from exciting safari moments. After a few days exploring the enigmatic wilds of Tanzania, we highly recommend some TLC .
Let the senses slip into sheer relaxation mode with their small-but-sumptuous range of indulgent body massages and hand or foot treatments. Drift away into bliss while being pampered in serene surrounds, zebra and giraffe grazing only feet away…

Both Chem Chem Lodge and little chem chem have a curated menu of wellness treatments crafted for safari-goers. After days on safari, get yourself back into top-to-toe shape with a manicure or pedicure, or enjoy the pressured strokes of a massage to relieve any tension built up from time in a vehicle.

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